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  • Taiwan High Speed Rail

    Located in down town Taipei Main Station, Taiwan High Speed Rail serves customers with a fast move from a point to a point traveling within a short time.

    Distance 1.7 Km,Driving time 6 Minute
  • The world landmark-Taipei 101

    An outstanding landmark building Taipei 101 stands tall as the Empire State Building, Paris Eiffel Tower, and Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.

    Distance 7.1 Km,Driving time 22 Minute
  • Taiwan Hot Spots

    Taiwan is famous for its towering mountains, with dozens of peaks rising upwards of 3,000 meters and one, the scenic Yushan (Jade Mountain), reaching to nearly 4,000 meters, making it Northeast Asia's highest peak. The geographical richness of Taiwan is especially evident in the mountain areas of the island with their unique landscapes and scenic charms.

    Distance 1.6 Km,Driving time 7 Minute
  • Taipei Metro

    One of the best Metros in the world, it facilitates travelers and local commuters to have an easy way to explore the city.

    Distance 1.2 Km,Driving time 5 Minute
  • The official website of the Repulic of China

    This website provides foreigners information of visas, immigration, health care, emergencies, and guide for residents.

    Distance 2.9 Km,Driving time 8 Minute
  • National Palace Musuem

    The NPM's collections are displayed in the forms of permanent and special exhibitions. You are recommended to start your visit from the Orientation Gallery (Room 102) located in the west wing of the main building. Please press the website link to get more information.

    Distance 11.9 Km,Driving time 30 Minute
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    Taipei Fine Arts Museum founded since 1983, it is the first contemporary fine art museum of Taiwan, hence; also seen as the capital museum of Taipei city.

    Distance 2.1 Km,Driving time 7 Minute
  • National Museum of History

    Taipei Fine Arts Museum was build in 1955. It aims to cultivate our national image, to promote the popularization and availability of artifacts, and to foster cultural promotion efforts and services.

    Distance 3.8 Km,Driving time 12 Minute